Livorno and the Tuscany

The city of Livorno

Terrazza Mascagni Livorno

In 1577, the Medici family founded Livorno as an ideal town, with its unique pentagonal shape. Various accounts in writings by travelers of the time remark on Livorno’s wide streets and squares, its limpid Mediterranean days, mild climate and the warmth of its inhabitants.

Livorno has a population of around 156,000 and is a large modern commercial port. The docks are not just important for loading and shipping an enormous amount of freight, but are also the hub of a busy network of links with the islands of Sardinia, Corsica, Elba and Sicily.

Perhaps Livorno might be described as the most varied and lively town in Tuscany. Via Grande, the main street, is lined with arcades and elegant shops, making it ideal for a pleasant stroll. Another highlight is the Mercato Nuovo, a gigantic glass- and wrought iron-covered market, where every ingredient used in Italian cooking, especially fish, is to be found.

Distances from Livorno (by rail)

  • Pisa – 22 km
  • Lucca – 44 km
  • Volterra – 81 km
  • Firenze – 100 km
  • San Gimignano – 105 km
  • Grosseto – 128 km
  • Siena – 130 km
  • Arezzo – 180 km

Livorno blends the features of an exciting, lively town with the attractions of a seaside resort, as well as offering an extremely varied landscape and culture dating back to the time of the Romans. Livorno is close to Pisa, Siena and Florence and to the heart of Tuscany with its scenery and colours which change with the season, and is thus ideal for day trips.

Whether you wish to devote all your time to language study, or to further your knowledge of wonderful Tuscany, Livorno is the place for you.

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How to reach Livorno by car

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