Language Courses

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General Characteristics

English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Italian as a Second or Foreign Language

Centro Linguistico Agorà adapts willingly to student and client objectives, scheduling and venue. The teachers, who are native-speakers of the target language, use periodicals, literature and specialized texts published in the target language in support of their teaching activities, as well as audiovisual materials and PCs.

We have found the following elements to be fundamental for studying a foreign language:

  • Lessons in small groups or privately
  • Teachers who are native-speakers of the target language
  • Course syllabus with precise objectives
  • Great consideration being given to individual needs, professional qualification and training
  • A broad range of courses from elementary to specialized and technical language courses
  • Flexibility

With the above in mind, we offer supplementary culture and hobby programs, In Touch with Italy, specifically for participants in our courses of Italian as a second or foreign language.