Courses for businesses and public agencies

Courses for businesses and public agencies

Corsi per Aziende

Knowing a second or third language is essential for business development in Italy and around the world. Centro Linguistico Agorà puts its qualified native speaker language teachers and its resources at your disposal to organize customized courses to suit your business.

Centro Linguistico Agorà designs and offers courses in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.

Centro Linguistico Agorà can plan short, medium or long term courses designed for acquiring or perfecting a foreign language. Teachers carry out training activities directly at the work place, with programs and methods designed for the diverse language needs of every business or agency at various levels: management, sales and marketing, administration, accounting, operations, etc. Centro Linguistico Agorà works with local public administrations to meet various educational needs. Our facilities and a consultant are at your disposition to provide free of charge estimates, feasibility studies and pre-tests to evaluate current abilities.

Language Teachers for Schools

Centro Linguistico Agorà has been providing qualified mother-tongue teacher/lecturers to Livorno schools since 1996, giving local preschool and K – 13 students the opportunity to gain invaluable aural experience, phonetic guidance and cultural insight.

Language Teachers for Training Projects

Since 1998 Centro Linguistico Agorà has collaborated with Job Training Project Agencies in planning language courses designed for various professionals.